(6 hours)

Price: US$ 89/person for min 2 persons

Are you photography lovers or photography enthusiasts? Are you also a sunrise/sunset hunter? DON’T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for Borobudur Sunrise Tour capturing spectacular sunrise shots at this gigantic Buddhist temple built at 8th century. This Borobudur Sunrise Tour tour also allows you to travel back in time to enjoy the amazing combination of history, culture, spirituality and natural beauty. This one of the seven wonders is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh and the birds are singing along in the early morning. As the sun appears from the horizon, it magically highlights the relics of 504 Buddha faces and the stone reliefs. This Magnificent Borobudur temple is located outside Yogyakarta, particularly in Magelang, Central Java, one-hour drive from Yogyakarta. Borobudur temple is built in three levels that symbolise three worlds, the world of desire and lust (Kamadhatu), the world of form (Rupadhatu), and the world without any form (Arupadhatu).


This Borobudur Sunrise Tour will start very early at 3.30, and we are going to drive to Borobudur Sunrise Tour and enter through Manohara hotel where the ticket booth for Borobudur Sunrise Tour opens at 4 am, and the temple will be open only for Borobudur Sunrise Tour at 4.30 (much earlier than regular opening time for public at Then, you will be served with breakfast at Manohara. This breakfast is only for tourist coming for Borobudur Sunrise Tour through Manohara


Then, we are heading to Mendut temple while heading back to Yogyakarta and this Borobudur Sunrise Tour finish.



- Pick up at your hotel lobby

- Depart to Mahohara hotel


- Arrive at Manohara hotel

- Enter Borobudur temple

- Enjoy the Sunrise

- Explore Borobudur temple

- Breakfast at Manohara


- Continue the tour to

  Mendut temple along the

  way back to Yogyakarta

- Back to Yogyakarta and

  drop off to your hotel/any

  place you want us to drop

  you off

What's included?

- Pick up and drop off at your hotel

- Borobudur Sunrise ticket at Manohara hotel

   (IDR 500.000)

- Buffet Breakfast at Manohara

- Air-conditioned hired car/van

- Fuels, parking and English speaking driver

- Entrance ticket for Mendut Temple

- English speaking guide

What's NOT Included

- Flight ticket

- Visa

- Travel Insurance

- Other personal expenses