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Gaps in Tourism Business Ecosystem

What is the epidemic?

Industry/business is not connected due to language difficulties, lack of interactions, and unknown by each other, locals are not ready for tourism, and tourism dominated by the big capital business that neglect locals, environment, and culture.

Problem 1: Connection

Your business is not connected with local community, government, and local business

Problem 2:

Economic Gap

Poverty around your business area may give risks to your business in terms of security, bad impression of location due to local begging behaviour, and many more.

Problem 3: Lack of Human Resources 

Best investment is for having human resources around your areas to help you with business and promote your location

Problem 4: Not Tourist Ready Location

Locals are not ready to accept tourists because they do not understand the benefit of tourism and/or do not know how to participate to build tourism ecosystem 

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Business and company who thinks that sustainable tourism is the best option to maintain a good ecosystem for everyone. 


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