(5 hours)

Price: US$69/person for min 2 persons

Will you do everything to attract your love? Or save your love when he/she is in danger? That is what Rama, the prince of Ayodya, has done! He has gone on a hunt for a golden deer called Kijang Kencana, and even helped Shinta who has been kidnapped by Rawana, the ruler of Alengkadiraja in Ramayana Ballet Performance in Prambanan including dinner. Rawana believed that Sita is the incarnation of Dewi Widowati, a woman whom he really wanted to marry since a long time ago. Then the fight occurred. How did the story end? You should watch this Ramayana Ballet performance in Prambanan temple showing the magnificent views and story about Rama and Sita. Held at the open stage of Prambanan temple, the famous Ramayana ballet is Java’s most spectacular dance performance telling story about the goodness and the evil. This performance is held only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. With the amazing Prambanan temple as the backdrop, approximately 200 dancers and musicians playing gamelan (traditional Javanese and Balinese orchestra) take part and have their own role as Rama, Sita, Rawana, monkey armies, giants, in the dance and battles. You will have an unforgettable experience watching this Javanese dance drama of Ramayana Ballet performance live at open stage of the Prambanan temple complex after enjoying the taste of local food for your dinner. The performance will take place for about 2 hours and then you will be dropped off to your hotel in Yogyakarta. This Ramayana Ballet performance in Prambanan temple will perform at the open stage between May and October, and in the Trimurti building between November and April. Thus, you need to check your schedule when you are coming to Jogjakarta so it meets your expectation.



- Pick up at the hotel


- Enjoy Indonesian food

  for dinner at the resto


- Watching Ramayana

  Ballet Performance at

  Prambanan Temple at

  either open stage or



- Drop off at the hotel

What's included?

- Pick up and drop off at your hotel

- Dinner (Indonesian local food)

- Ramayana Ballet (Class 1) Ticket at Prambanan


- Air-conditioned hired car/van

- Fuels, parking and English speaking driver

- Refill mineral water

- English speaking guide

What is NOT included?

- Flight ticket

- Visa

- Travel Insurance

- Other personal expenses